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New for 2020, Bauer goalie has continued on their highly successful and revolution Supreme line goalie skate and released the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Senior Goalie Skate. The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is designed with key revisions and upgrades to create a lightweight skate geared toward premium mobility in the crease.

Starting off with the build of the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Skates, the popular cowlingless design makes its return to continue to help the goaltender get a low attack angle which aids in quicker pushes on the ice. The Supreme skate comes with a 3D Curv Composite Quarter Package which provides high level durability while remaining as lightweight as possible. Moving down to the toe, a Low Profile Asymmetrical Toe Cap helps protect shots you might take off your skate while reducing the bulk size of the skate in previous models which allows the goaltender to be more precise in every movement on the ice.

Moving on to the ankle of the Supreme 3S Pro, AeroFoam padding which is also seen in the Vapor 2X Skates has been added to the 3S Pro to improve the comfort of this skate. Next is the 48 oz. Felt Tongue which also provides comfort and durability, so the goaltender won’t have any issues when leaning forward in a ready stance. Around on the back, you will see the now standard heel loop which allows the goaltender to have the option of wearing their boot strap behind the skate to push the pad up on their leg. Internally you will feel the Grip Liner which helps the goaltender achieve a comfortable fit in the 3S Pro skate.

Finally moving down to the bottom section of the skate, the outsole is designed with Pro TPU which gives trusted support between the holder and skates bottom. Next on the holder, you will find the Vertexx Edge holder which is designed for a goaltender who wants completely uninhibited movements and an ultimate bite when moving around the crease. The runners are the LS3G+ stainless-steel blades which are designed to allow the goaltender to get quick and easy pushes.

Compared to the Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates, the Supreme 3S Pro will feature higher quality construction and materials. Specifically, the UltraSonic has higher quality steel, ankle padding, skate tongue, and quarter package.

If you are an elite-level goaltender looking for a highly durable and lightweight goalie skate built for peak performance, look no further than the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Senior Goalie Skates.