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The Bauer Supreme S27 Junior goalie pant keeps the same anatomical fit from the popular Supreme S170, while increasing protection to benefit the young goaltender.

For most young goaltenders, having a light, flexible, and well-fitting goal pant is paramount. At the age where movement is everything and the young goalie does not have the size to play the "blocking" style of goaltending with oversized goal pants, a more tapered, anatomically fitting pant is typically a great choice. To help with this, the Bauer S27 Junior goal pant features a more tapered, anatomical fit in the waist area. Though having an NHL legal sized pant may not be one of the immediate priorities for the parent or goalie, having the updated, form-fitting NHL shape promotes a more mobile, flexible pant for a position that is based on movement at that age.

Continuing with the theme of improvements in fit to cater to the young goalie, Bauer has added an updated internal belt system with a skate lace tie-up on the S27 Junior. An internal belt allows the goalie to have a tighter for around the waist, while not compromising coverage from a tight outer belt.

When developing a lightweight, mobile, and flexible pant, protection remains one of the most important features on a goal pant. To enhance protection on the Supreme S27, Bauer has added MD foam throughout the hip, along with HD foam throughout the thigh. The blend of MD and HD foams allow for a lightweight and flexible pant, while having improving protection over the previous model.