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New for 2021, Bauer Goalie has again pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology that goes into a chest protector. The all-new Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector builds off of the highly successful Bauer 2X Pro to bring every goalie a solid chest protector built for performance.

Starting off with the chest portion of the Bauer Hyperlite, form fitting shoulder floaters with Shock-lite pro technology provides superior protection with a tight profile that will help the goaltender move their head freely. Throughout the stomach, you will find the same protection with Shock-lite technology. On the inside, the chest and backplate are lined with a ThermoCore liner to help keep the goaltender cool during usage.

Further on the Hyperlite stomach and sternum portion, specific rebound control foam is used to help keeps pucks close to the body. Today’s goalie needs protection in their largest blocking surface, and with this specific foam, goalies square up to the puck with confidence. Continuing the build of the stomach, the sides wrap around with Bauer’s 360 coverage. Goalie’s do not have to worry about pucks catching them on their sides with this specific design.

Moving on to the arms of the Vapor Hyperlite, you will find the biggest changes with a unique arm shape and new materials. Starting on the arms, you will find Fused composite foam with CURV composite reinforcements to protect against heavy shots. Under the shoulder caps, there is an arm adjustment system which travels 2 inches to help the goalie tighten or loosen the length of the arm, depending on their preference. At the elbow, there is Shock-lite foam with a Hypersense line to provide superior comfort. When moving to the wrist, a comfort edge with comfort mesh helps provide a snug fit and superior breathability throughout use, keeping the goalie comfortable and dry.

If you are an elite-level goaltender who is looking for the top engineering in a chest protector that is made to be breathable with unmatched protection, the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Pro Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector is the unit you are looking for.