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The Bauer Official Performance Steel Goal with Backstop features a regulation-sized 6'x4' robust goal with a backstop rebounder that keeps stray pucks from damaging garages, windows, cars, and so on. The backstop extends out 19.5" on each side of the net and adds 22" of coverage above the crossbar. 

Bauer used heavy duty 2" steel tubing on the front posts and crossbar, with 1.75" tubing in the back that resists denting on shots up to 60 mph.  A much needed upgrading from 1.5" to 1.75"  in the back tubing increases the durability of the goal. The paint they used is also much improved on color fading resistance too. The 18K denier pro-style netting is now significantly easier to install with the new hook attachment system that is still very secure. 

The backdrop is constructed of heavy-gauge 1" steel tubing with 10K denier nylon netting for year-round play. The backdrop can be adjusted for two different shooting positions; straight out for straight on shots or at 45 degrees forward for better coverage when shooting from a side angle. When not in use or during gameplay, they can fold straight backward for better storage. 


  • Model Number: 1053208
  • Recommend Use: Up to 60mph shots (most ice hockey and roller hockey)
  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
    • Goal Only - 6' x 4' (Regulation)
    • With Backstop - 9.25' x 5.75'
  • Includes:
    • Regulation-sized Goal
    • Backstop Rebounder
    • Nets
    • Hardware