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Brand new for 2020, Bauer has introduced their next line of goaltender pants and brought you the Bauer Elite Senior Goalie Pants. The Bauer Elite Goalie Pants are designed to be a simple design with specific features geared toward mobility, and protection.

Starting off with the thighs of the Bauer Elite goalie pants, F1 with Double Thick Foams designed to help smother shots that hit off the low thigh areas of these pants. Dynamic 2-flex with double adjustment pillows can also be found in the legs of the Bauer Elite and help the goaltender achieve and comfortable fit with the high levels of protection.

Moving up to the hips, the Bauer Elite features “cheater” blocks which will add width to help prevent against shots that might go between the goaltender’s hip and the post or when closing up for in tight shots. Bauer has included an Extension Fit Loop feature to extend the length of the pants for taller goaltenders.

Around on the front, a free-flex pelvic pad with a skate lace front gives the goaltender reliable protection and allows the goaltender to tighten up the waist or use these laces to tie into a chest protector. Additionally, a 2 Belt system allows for quick and easy adjustments to dial in the exact fit each goaltender desires.

Along the inside, a Thermomax+ liner helps keep the goaltender cool physically to help against overheating during long sessions. Finally, on the inside you will find an internal loop provided to attach a knee guard directly to the pants.

Compared to the Bauer Elite Goalie Pants, the Bauer Pro Goalie Pants will feature higher quality construction and materials throughout the entire build.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender looking for a comfortable pair of goalie pants built around being highly protective while allowing the goaltender to be highly mobile, look no further than the Bauer Elite Senior Goalie Pants.