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The new Vapor Hyperlite shoulder pad provides the lightest elite level protection so you can play at your fastest from start to finish. A SHOCKLite foam insert added to the floating sternum and spine increases protection on the flexible VENTAPRENE vest. Combined with the proprietary AEROLITE caps, this is the lightest protection package allowing you to be at your quickest on the ice.

Level.  Elite/Pro InspiRed
Upgrades.  Aerolite Cap w/Connektor, Flexaprene vest, Spine and rib protection
Sizes.  M, L, XL
Lining Material.  THERMOCORE ZERO
Spine.  Hyperlite HD molded foam with Shocklite foam insert
Sternum.  Floating Hyperlite HD sternum with Shocklite foam insert
Front.   Side PanelsSoft and comfortable Flexaprene vest
Back.   Side PanelsFull coverage vest with rib reinforcement
Bicep Guard.  One-piece EXO-Lite Skin with Sleeve-fit closure
Arch.  Molded with HD foam insert
Cap.  Lightweight Aerolite 2.0 Caps with Connektor